Sunday, January 3, 2010


So. I am WAY behind on this thing. I have some aspirations with my blog (number one being to actually write on it), but here's what I envision for the New Year:

1.) Writing what I feel, despite who reads it. I often feel like the only people that read this blog are my family and some friends. Can I tell you how much I censor myself because of this? I have an issue with offending people (I'd seriously rather stand naked in the cold than do it), but the older I get...the more I don't care.

2.) Maybe a blog makeover? So many bloggers have these adorable blogs and the extent of my design is changing the colors with the season (ooh! 4th of July? Red, White and Blue, please) and the fonts. B.O.R.I.N.G

3.) PICTURES, for the love of the Lord. My last blog, An American Girl in Stockholm, pretty much always had pictures with it. Who wants to read a blog unless it has pictures?

There ya have it.

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