Monday, January 4, 2010

the first monday

as far as Mondays go, I would say my first Monday of this decade has been really pretty good. I decided last week - after not taking a single day off in December AND working the Saturday after Christmas - that I deserved a day off. so here I am, sitting on the couch at 2:45pm, flipping through the new Pottery Barn and drinking a soy chai.

Here are my list of achievements for the day:

Woke up before 8am

Made coffee [as opposed to resorting to new favorite, Starbucks Via]

Watched Little House on the Prairie

Unloaded/Reloaded the dishwasher

Took a long bath & finished a book

Got my poorly butchered bangs fixed [seriously, this should be a post in itself]

Dropped off 2 pairs of pants/skirt/4 sweaters at the cleaners

And now I'm home, trying to get the motivation to get the chili I'm making for dinner started. But it's funny, days like these make me really glad I have a job. I won't even lie...while I really my job, I'm pretty tempted to join my number of friends that don't work [save for cleaning jobs and the like] and live life on my own schedule. But today I was driving home and I thought...I would get so bored with this! All I would want to do is shop. So, until we've got some kiddos running around, I'll keep on clocking in and clocking out.

As an added note, Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' wife? She's been photographed recently at Les Houches, a ski resort in Chamonix, France. I spent some quality time there myself just two years ago. She probably enjoyed it much more than I did :) You can find my rundown of Chamonix here, An American Girl in Stockholm.


Annie said...

i would like to hear more about the bang issue :) I am also a fan of the VIA.

Christina said...

oh sounds like a lovely Seanna day! I know what you mean though, when things are structured, it seems like it's easier to get more done because there's less time! how did you get the different fonts? i can't figure that out??

Christina said...

oh my goodness. i'm so embarrassed, i just realized i've been working in the edit html tab for the last 6 months! no wonder i've gotten funny messages instead of my pictures when editing... i thought my editing options were much less than i remember... argh... well, somehow your blogs different fonts and colors reminded me all the options.... good work!! blogging is so much work, and you don't know it until you do's nice to know people are reading your blog ;)