Sunday, November 29, 2009


last weekend I went to Minneapolis for the weekend to spend some time with some of my best girls, and also to see New Moon...which did not disappoint :) I finally finished the whole Twilight saga last night, and overall, I was pleased. I suppose there was pretty good resolution, but did anyone else feel like she left it open to maybe do another separate series one day??

I would also like to add that these books were so, so far beyond anything I would normally get into. And yet, I loved them. I think the movies helped me get into the books a little more - or at least, put some very handsome faces with names :)

anyway, while I was in Minneapolis I took some photos of some girlfriends' babies, and I was so pleased with them...thought I might do a little braggin' :) the first little boy is Cole, who belongs to my good friends Amy and Peter. the second two are Lacey and Miles, and Brad and I are really close to their parents, Mike and Annie. You can check out Annie's blog here, Little Running Feet.

aren't they cute? seeing these pictures afterwards always makes me realize just how much I love photography.


Christina said...

you have a great eye! and your patience to edit the photos is quite impressive!! Maybe you can be Kelly's assistant ;)

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! Next time we get together, you won't be getting married...and I fully expect some more amazing Olivia pics too. :) Love you.