Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i have turned into a 15 year old girl. sadly.

this Friday, i'm leaving work at 4 to drive 2.5hrs to Minneapolis so i can the movie that every teenage girl in America is dying to see....


okay, i'm not so embarrassed about how excited i am to see the movie as much as i'm surprised by how much the books have and i can assure you, i was the person that watched all my friends get into it and thought, "what in the world do they see in a book about a vampire?" but then i read Twilight....and i liked it. a lot. and now i'm reading New Moon, and i LOVE it. i'll admit, i still don't get into the vampire/werewolves thing - i tend to skim over those action parts - but the love story is so sweet.

and speaking on a more "gossip-y" note regarding the movie, this is what i would like to say to Kristen Stewart:

Robert Pattinson over Taylor Lautner? honey....have you looked at Taylor? all i gotta say is, it's just not right for an 18 year old boy (or however old he is - under 20) to be so dang cute. Taylor Swift is gettin' it right :)


Minnesota Girl said...

haha! I loved the first book and just started reading New Moon. I wasn't too crazy for the first movie...I thought the acting was horrible! Maybe New Moon will be better =)

Hope all is well!

TNgirl said...

I read the series over the summer and got sucked in too. Like you I didn't see what all the fuss was over a teen series about vampires and werewolves until I started reading the books and couldn't put them down. I'm actually going to see the movie tomorrow at midnight and can't wait! They had the premiere here in Knoxville last night with Kristen and Taylor but there were between 2-3,000 people there so I decided to not even try to go since I didn't have tickets.

I agre with you 100% about Taylor being hotter than Robert. Don't get me wrong I'm Team Edward all the way but Jacob is so much better looking.