Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday randoms

1.) Was up at 5am this morning because of a stupid bird that kept repeating the same little whistle over and over and over again...does stuff like this make anybody else freak out? i hate repetitive background noises, for some reason.

2.) Began downloading music for the wedding. we decided to brave it and not have an official DJ. instead, we're having an iPod and a very funny and outgoing Mexican (Brad's brother in law) handle the playlists and announcements, and i really need suggestions! i'm also looking for the bridesmaids processional. what did any of the other brides out there use? i'm going to walk down the aisle to "Love" by Sugarland.

3.) so...the shoes i bought to wear with my dress? the heels are 4.5 inches, which i stupidly did not check before buying. that makes me 6', which makes me as tall as Brad. and it makes my dress look short. i might have to reconsider these, even though they are really cute.

4.) speaking of my dress...i tried it on yesterday, and i had doubts about it! it makes me look kind of large in the middle, and i'm not sure it's something the seamstress can fix :( let's all pray it is, okay?

5.) still no honeymoon decision. i've given up and am probably just going to let Brad pick it out. i'm way too overwhelmed.

6.) invites are done and going out on Monday!


Christopher Gerald Wagner said...

we've got some ridiculous bird outside our window too. It was killin me this morning...

Stephanie said...

I'm pretty sure I've NEVER seen an outfit make you look thick around the middle. Be assured that you are by FAR your own worst critic. You're going to be the most gorgeous bride ever.

The Future Mrs. Etten said...

I think the song "When You Say Nothing" by Alison Krauss is a lovely song. I'd love to have it played at my wedding, but my church is being nightmarish when it comes to the music I want =( Anyway, the song is in that "Noting Hill" movie.

I hope you had a good weekend =)