Friday, May 29, 2009

home and thank the Lord for the weekend

seriously...i am way too happy to be home right now. i've got the Travel channel on (something about a UFO sighting over Illinois, why i'm watching this i don't know) and a glass of wine for company, and

so, i realize that everything i've posted on here lately has been wedding-related, and for that i feel guilty, but really, there hasn't been much else going on in my life lately. those of you that are married are probably aware of the consuming nature a wedding can be. and those of you that aren't...well, all i have to say is START PLANNING NOW. i mean it. today. start soon, cause no matter how long your engagement is, i guarantee you will come up to the lastminute on everything and then be that much more stressed out. (okay, maybe don't start today cause that could probably freak some commitment-phobe men out. and then you might have to go to a random country in Europe somewhere and be a nanny for a year).

but this is what i have to say: why are honeymoons so freaking expensive? i mean, we're not made of money, and we're definitely helping to pay for this wedding. so i post on facebook today that i'm looking at all-inclusive resorts in MX (YES, Mexico, and if you don't want to go cause you're afraid of swine flu then fine, but i'm trying to save a dollar, okay) and i get like, 17 people writing me back saying, 'hey, check out _________, we loved it!' or 'we went to ______ on our honeymoon and had the best time!' so i then Expedia these recommended resorts, and they're like, 1500 per person! Lordy, we are not rich and don't have 3000 dollars to throw we're back to looking at the $500/pp resorts, which basically make you sleep on moldy matresses and eat hot dogs for dinner. dang.


Puttin' On The GRITS said...

The Today Show just did a segment about "cheap getaways"...and there were some seriously affordable options on there and some not so traditional but neat ones.

Alicia Marie said...

Hey! Check out Apple Vacations. We booked our 7 night all-inclusive plus flights/transportation to the Riviera Maya area in Mexico for around $600 per person. I talked to an actual person and gave her my price range. She than sent me a list and we chose from there. They were wonderful and took care of all the arrangements and it was by far the cheapest around. Let me know if you need more info... i may be able to find the number somewhere.... Good luck!
btw, no matter where you go, just being done with the wedding and together will be amazing.:)

The Future Mrs. Etten said...

Hey Seanna! I'd love to send you an invite to my blog. Can you e-mail me your e-mail address? I can't get on facebook @ work anymore =( My e-mail is

Fun that you're planning you're honeymoon to Mexico! Are you going right after the wedding? I am dying to go to Italy for the honeymoon, but I think it might be out of the price range. We'll see.

Have you thought about one of those honeymoon registeries? One of my friends did that, and it basically gives you money towards your honeymoon.

Anonymous said...


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