Friday, June 12, 2009


we booked our honeymoon! you would not believe the ridiculous amount of research i did for this trip...i think i was starting to drive Brad crazy.

we will be staying at an all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico (and yes, the travel ban has been lifted) for 6 nights. the reason we booked this particular resort is based on the fact that for about every one negative review i read about the resort, there were about 40 FANTASTIC reviews. the rooms look amazing and the food is supposed to be top-notch, which most people know that all-inclusive resorts are not typically known for their food. however, this resort is! their drinks are made using top shelf liquor (which really doesn't mean that much to me, but it's nice, right?) i think the only downside i've read about this place is that the beach can be slightly windy and isn't great for swimming. but really, even when you love the beach (like i do) how much do you love it for swimming?? i rarely swim for extended periods of time in the ocean.

and the best part? the price that i had found on one website ( was knocked down $500 on part of that is due to Googling "Orbitz travel coupons" and finding a $200 off coupon! i wasn't expecting it to work, but it took $200 off the total cost, amazingly. so, we're going to Riviera Maya for a steal.

here's a few pictures:


Mrs. B. said...

Ohhh...that looks positively beautiful. I have travel envy. ;)
The honeymoon is the greatest thing ever invented. Its just what you need after stressful wedding planning.

Janet said...

I love your invitation, the colors look great together. It reminded me that I hadn't been to your blog site since you had returned. I just spent over an hour reading all of your posts. I love the way you write. I really like the look of the lemons in the clear vases. We've been to the Riviera Maya several times and loved it. It'll be soooo hot be careful you will get burnt in a heartbeat.