Monday, May 11, 2009

the good and the this-could-cause-a-freak-out

alright - so i have to make this quick cause i'm supposed to be leaving in an hour for Racine to attend some training for work this week. it's a 6 hour drive and 1) i'm not packed, 2) i'm still in my pajamas, and 3) i need to run like, 4 errands before i go. how you like that for being prepared??

just wanted to share a few things w/ you guys today! i have a list....


1) we registered! we're now signed up at Crate and Barrel and Target. Brad was a trooper through Target, but when it came to Crate and Barrel he let me and Bobbie (one of my bridesmaids) handle that one. i will not tell you how many 'looks' we got. or how many times Bobbie loudly announced, "DO YOU THINK BRAD WILL LIKE THIS?" pictures coming soon of some of my favorite things.

2.) i visited a florist that we're going to use for my boquet. they're 2 super nice women who have the cutest little outdoor greenhouse in the country. they weren't huge fans of my all-white boquet picture that i had brought for an we're working on incorporating some natural greens into it. i told them i'm pretty easy to please, but that i want large, full blooms. think ranunculas, dahlias, mums, lisianthus....oooh, i'm excited.

3.) we picked out our groomsmen clothes! the men will be wearing khakis (FLAT FRONT...there will be no pleats allowed), chambray shirts (these are all the rage right now...go to Banana or J.Crew and they have millions. they're a denim colored shirt with the texture/appearance of linen. they're dressier than denim, i promise), and they're going to wear navy knit ties. have you seen those? Brad loves them cause they're different; they're not you're typical, satin tie. Brad will wear his navy sportcoat.


1.) both ministers at our church? gone. the weekend of our wedding, they're out of town. um....anyone feel like marrying us?

2.) the two biggest, nicest hotels in town? fully booked. there's not many other options, so i'm thinking a lot of people are going to be staying at the little lodges in the area....they were all booked up in FEBRUARY. this town has less than 5k people, i still don't get how entire hotels are all booked up.

3.) this won't cause a freak out...but we found out recently that Brad's oldest brother who was going to be his best man, is being deployed to Iraq for a year at the end of June. we're super disappointed (not to mention heartbroken for his wife and two little boys). we're so proud of him, but will definitely miss him and his family at the wedding. Brad's not planning to replace him, and instead will keep his space open as 'in honor of' all the guys are going to wear red/white/blue ribbons behind their bouts. i think.

okay...i suppose i should get moving. have a great Monday!


Sara said...

It will all come together. I planned mine in less than 3 months, but we didn't have out of town guests so that helped. Don't worry, it will be special no matter what!

Christina said...

it sounds lovely!! your country wedding! it will be like no other wedding I've been to so far, I can't wait! i had to look up chambray and knit tie... never heard of those before, but they look perfect!! who all is in your wedding as your bridesmaids? do you have all the info on so excited for you!!