Tuesday, May 5, 2009

am i crazy?

i'm going to attempt it - address my own envelopes! i searched online for a reasonable calligrapher, but in the end decided that there's a lot more i would rather do with a few hundred dollars than have our invites professionally addressed. so, i've been doing some research on a couple wedding blogs (with this ring has the best tutorial on it) and i think it's totally possible. i'm going to buy a calligraphy pen this weekend and start practicing!

there's not much going on these days, besides wedding planning. brad and i are going to Minneapolis this weekend to do our registering - anybody have any tips for us?? i've been told to register for "anything and everything" because it's apparently the only time in your life that you'll get as many gifts as you do, and from people you're not very close to. sounds alright to me ;)


Mrs. B. said...

I did my own invites and they turned out wonderful - I have pretty good handwriting though, not to brag. heh.

Registry advice: Let him hold the gun. It makes them happy and when he's happy (shopping), you're happy.
Also, I had a friend register for Sex in the City box DVD set and it really turned me off...sooo, don't register for EVERYTHING. ;)

Have fun!

Stephanie said...

That's funny, because I was really about to write "we even registered for movies!" But we love movies. And they weren't Sex in the City, so...register for what you will really, truly USE in your life. The china the my mom INSISTED I register for is now taking up space on top of my washing machine, as that's the only dang place for so many boxes in my house. 5 years of marriage...not a piece of china used. We could've used that $800-$900 bucks that people spent on that in cash!