Thursday, April 30, 2009


yes...spring is finally here up in the Northwoods! it's been a long, long time coming, that's for sure. it's rainy and dreary today, but the temp has finally consistently warmed up to over 50 degrees during the day. we won't talk about the fact that the trees are just now starting to bud :)

so it's funny that spring feels like it's finally here, cause in my mind, summertime is May! and summertime, well - all i think when i think of the summer is WEDDING! let me just say...there is so much planning that goes into, it's a wonder i haven't lost my mind yet! i go to websites like Budget Savvy Bride (who's getting married in 3 days!) and i'm constantly like, 'oh yeah...i need to do that, too' or 'i haven't even thought about that!' i gotta be honest and say that i don't even peruse the bridal magazines cause i have all the wedding blogs a girl could ever want at my fingertips. they're lifesavers to me! but, speaking of the wedding, here's our menu that we decided on:

- pig roast (so country!)
- red, white and blue potato salad (red potatoes w/bacon in a blue cheese dressing. AMAZING)
- mediterranean salad (penne, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, peppers (i think?) tossed in a light italian dressing)
- tortellini pasta (cold, mixed w/ sundried tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, tossed in pesto sauce)
- fresh corn on the cob (an essential in August)
- GIANT fresh, seasonal fruit plate (also an essential on a hot, summer day)

plus we're serving pies for dessert, rather than cake.

so...that's our newest development. ordered a sample of navy/white striped fabric today for our table runners, and also ordered a sample navy envelope to check on paper quality/color. slowly but surely....

check out this cute website, makes me long for my white house with a porch in the country! Sugar Pie Farmhouse

have a great Thursday - it's almost the weekend!


Bobbie said...

so where did you end up getting the food from? And where did you order a sample of fabric from? we should just email!

Stephanie said...

I'm so excited!