Saturday, May 16, 2009

crossing things off!

SUCH a good feeling! here's a few wedding updates:

1.) we booked our stay at a local B&B for our wedding night! it's a gorgeous inn that once belonged to one of the logger bigwigs back in the 1800' sat vacant for years and a few years back two men from Britain came and renovated it. It's unbelievably beautiful.

2.) I ordered the flower girl's dress! it's from J.Crew's crewcuts line, and I think it's going to be perfect for the casual feel we're going for. our flower girl (Brad's niece) is half Mexican, so she's got this gorgeous tan skin. She's going to look adorable in it!

3.) I order our envelopes (navy) and our invitations are being printed this week! They look amazing.

On a side note (non wedding!), Brad and I went to a sportsman banquet last night. It was my first...basically it's sponsored by a hunting organization, and they auction and raffle off guns and hunting stuff. But one of my girlfriend's dad was there, and he totally won a hunting safari trip to Africa for $680 in the silent raffle! Isn't that crazy?? They also had another African safari that won for $685. That was about the only interesting point of the evening ;) But it was fun to hang out with friends.

Alright...I have to work this morning so I should get rolling. Have a great weekend!

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