Thursday, March 12, 2009

i'm still around

i have lots to fill everyone in on about the weather. i'll do it very soon :) i just wanted to take the time to write this blog and tell you all: DO NOT MOVE TO WISCONSIN. Northern Wisconsin, at least. believe me, i love it here. i love, love, love this little town. but seriously, i cannot handle this weather anymore. it is NEGATIVE 14 this morning! March 12 and we have sub-zero temperatures. there's people on the beach right now in Florida! i have to say, though, the worst part of all this weather rubbishness is getting up every morning and standing and just staring into my closet like, what on earth am i going to wear? i've been wearing the.same.clothes for 6 months. meaning, sweaters, warm pants, heavy boots....i'm so ready for my skinny cords and flats! and seersucker! and flip flops! and t-shirts! and a tan....oh, how i cannot wait to get a dang tan.
alright. done to the coffee shop for my thursday morning Bible study :)

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Sara said...

Right there with ya! We are not that cold, but I am so ready for summer, flip flops and t-shirts!