Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i don't get it

maybe it's cause i'm not truly Southern, even though i claim it since i was born there (and we all know you ain't truly Southern unless you were born there...) but can someone tell me what the big deal is with Lilly Pulitzer? i seriously get a headache when i look at her clothes! from what i can tell, she has a cult following consisting mainly of girls that wear big pearl earrings and don't wear white after Labor Day. now...if you love Lilly and your pearls, then go on, girl. but i would much rather stick to the solid, classic pieces from my favorite store.

by the details coming SOON. we got her all nailed down now :)


Mrs. B. said...

Yeah...I don't get it either. Your fav store is much more my style...or anthro. :)
I'm excited to hear about the wedding!

Christina said...

oh man, i thought at first (for a second) when i saw the picture of the dress that you were going to say that was your bridesmaid dress...but you're right, it's just not your style! and i'm SO glad!

i'm excited to hear your wedding date... that affects travel plans for me :) i'm so glad you're getting the details nailed down, must feel so good!