Friday, February 6, 2009

caving in...

anyone else get tagged a million times on facebook to do this? here you go - 25 things about me.

1.) every morning without fail, i make a pot of coffee and i always - always - drink it with flavored creamer. my 'old faithful' is french vanilla, but i like to try the random ones, too.

2.) i love, love, love j.crew. i love it so much that while on a conference call yesterday at work, i ordered a sweater online(from the sale!) cause i

3.) i totally have a love/hate relationship with the gym. if i'm in a 'good stretch' i'll go about 4 times a week. if not...then the idea of going is seriously like going to the dentist for a filling. don't wanna do it.

4.) as of may 2007, i had never been out of the country (other than Tijuana). by july of 2008, i had been to uganda, tanzania, kenya, sweden, france (3 times), spain (2 times), sicily, denmark, thailand, and indonesia.

5.) i am obsessed with reality shows...Real Housewives, Real World (as long as i get into at the beginning of the season), 17 Kids, Little People Big World (think that's my favorite), Amazing Race. however, i've never gotten into the Bachelor or matchmaking shows.

6.) i hate my car. it runs perfectly fine, it's not an old beater, and really, there's nothing wrong with it. i just bought it in a moment of panic cause the car i had was breaking down all the time. now i wish i had thought more about it. (it's a Pontiac Grand Am, btw).

7.) i religiously use Aveda hair products and Dove body wash, solely because i love the smells of them. plus, dove makes your skin super soft.

8.) i won a trip through back in 2005 to go to Nashville and meet Trent obscure country singer. however, they put us up at the Opryland Hotel and it was fabulous.

9.) Nashville is my favorite non-coastal city in the US. I couldn't tell you what my favorite coastal city is...I've been to practically every "tourist-y" one in Florida, and Key West would be the one I'd go back to before the others.

10.) i'm currently living the biggest dream that i ever had in my heart - to live in this little small town with brad. i never, ever thought it would happen cause up until last year, brad was captivated by the big city living. thankfully, he came to his senses :)

11.) i've never sprained or broken anything, or had to have stitches. the biggest surgery i've ever had was getting my wisdom teeth out. knock on wood....

12.) i rarely buy new makeup - i'm still wearing the same eyeshadow from 2 years ago. i think it's probably expired by now??

13.) i went to a christian university in Minneapolis, where i majored in Intercultural Studies and minored in Leadership Development.

14.) i have a huge, huge passion for traveling. i've done a wide variety of it, from staying in dingy hotels in Europe to wooden huts in Africa to luxury resorts in Asia. take your pick at which one i didn't pay for :)

15.) i love to read. i'll read almost anything, just not anything sci-fi or smutty romance novels. i love historial fiction, though.

16.) my 'style' is typically very basic, very light, very clean (although you'd probably disagree if you saw my room). my couches are light colored, my curtains white, my walls are a putty color. it's a challenge for me to incorporate colors - i recently added orange sofa pillows.

17.) i tear up every single time i watch a military procession or ceremony. i have a deep, fierce love for America and her service people.

18.) i was born in the South, which i proclaim loud and proud. i was raised in Illinois, but since a large majority of my immediate family live in Georgia i will always consider myself half-southern.

19.) i love, love, love photography. i started a photo blog but i haven't done such a great job keeping it up. i think to have my own photography business would be my career goal.

20.) i lived in Stockholm, Sweden last year where i worked as an au pair. i kept a blog during my whole time there, and you can check it out here.

21.) my mom passed away in 2001 when i was 19. it was an awful, difficult time in my life, but it so firmly confirmed to me that God can always take the bad and use it for good if you allow Him. i can say with no hesitation that i wouldn't be where i am today - with Brad, having the best friends i have - if i hadn't gone through that.

22.) i absolutely do NOT wear socks in the summer. only if i'm wearing my gym shoes. and because of that i'm always buying socks in the fall cause i seem to lose them all...

23.) i love bluegrass music! i'm determined to have one play at my wedding in between the ceremony and reception.

24.) i hate olives. i'm the least picky eater you'll ever encounter, but i cannot handle olives. ick.

25.) the region i'm currently living in is described as "the northwoods" - and it is. it's a beautiful, woodsy area full of pines everywhere.

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Christina said...

I just LOVE you!!! you're fabulous! I can't believe I haven't seen you in a year and a half! Wow! I can't wait to see you this summer :)