Saturday, January 31, 2009

country music and coffee

the last couple weeks or so, i've been getting up really early - like, 5:30am early - and have gotten into the routine of making my coffee and watching the morning news before work. but on saturday mornings, it's county music. seems very fitting for my small town life :)

speaking of, i really need to tell you guys how funny it is to live in a place where everything is "the ____". being in a small town with a small population (less than 3k in the winters), there's pretty much only one place of each category. for instance: the steakhouse, the store, the chinese restaurant (we actually have one), the wesleyan church, the catholic church, the gym, the hospital. so funny! but i love it :)

also, since i live in "the northwoods", it was imperative that i purchase a flannel. now, most people wear these cause they're good workshirts and keep you warm. brad has a bunch of them (and i love every one of them - he might live in a small town, but he's got a good sense of style and even picks out really cool flannels) and i always wanted to snag one from him and pull off the Lauren Conrad look (but maybe buttoned up a little more, haha) --

so, yesterday i went to this little, itty bitty store called Glik's that is literally the only place in town that sells clothes are slightly fashionable and young. and even then, 98% of the store is hoodies and skater wear. but i was able to find a flannel that looks like this:

except mine is a brighter red. best part: i got it for $8! it's a boy cut one, but it's got that cute, fitted-but-a-little-loose look to it. it's the little things in life, right? :)

and, in one more piece of exciting news, i finally - FINALLY - got the matching chair to my couch!

thank the Lord for tax refunds! but seriously, it was getting ridiculous. the only place to sit in my whole house was either 1) my couch or 2) my bed. so, i was in dire need for another chair. i'm still getting used to its large-ness in my small room, but am endlessly thankful to have it.

alright...i've got a girlfriend coming up from the Cities - hallelujah! i'm literally the only girl in the group that i hang out with - so i've got to get some cleaning done before she gets here. have a happy weekend!


Sweet Soft Southern Thrill said...

I've been dying to test the flannel "waters"...glad to know that someone else has too! someone told me they saw some men's flannel at Wal-Mart too, fyi!

Sara said...

Cute flannel, and chair. Here in our small town we have the same thing with the "The _____". Its cute and charming, but sometimes annoying!

Southern Belle said...

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She deserves it!

Christina said...

i can't wait to see a picture of you in that red flannel shirt! I would love to see more pictures of your house too as you are filling it in and completing it! i love the chair too!