Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i love my life

i really, really do.  
i have an amazing boyfriend who might be a bit slow at doing the important things, yet never fails to tell me every night that he loves me "tons and tons".  
i have two great girlfriends who are constant sources of information when it comes to planning certain events and love to drink wine and eat all the wrong foods with me.  
i have a family who i don't belong to by blood but yet know that i could go to them for absolutely anything at any time, and they would be there to take care of me.  
i have a job - just having a job is enough these days! - that is challenging and equally rewarding, pays very well and is very secure.  
i have a puppy who loves nothing more than chewing my bras and good shoes and digging in the trash, but is beyond excited when i come home at night.  

it was a big, big risk moving here...but i thank the Lord - every day - that i did.