Saturday, November 29, 2008

is this a joke?

so, regarding my previous post....

brad and i went to a friend's house last night to eat dinner and play games, which i might add is not my thing whatsoever, but we're friends and i'll roll, so it's fine.  anyway, there's a big group of us playing this game called "Imagine If" and it goes along the lines of, "imagine if ____ (your name) were a car, what kind of car would she be?"  and then everyone has to pick from a list of different cars, and you want to choose the one that you think everyone else will pick, and the first one to have the most "majority rules" picks wins.  kinda confusing, but nevermind that.  

here's the two cards that got chosen for me during the night:  

"imagine if seanna were a piece of jewelry.  what would she be?"  

"imagine if seanna were to be something that you wear on your hand.  what would she be?"  

and i'm sure you can all imagine the slight awkwardness as both times, all my friends responded with "a diamond ring."  

i made sure to tell Brad last night that it must be the Lord :) 


Stephanie said...

I LOVE it! haha. I miss you. We're home now, and I'll try to call you tomorrow. Muah!

Annie said...

the lord speaks to us in miraculous ways.