Sunday, November 30, 2008

the best part of Christmas

i've noticed that the older i get, the more i love decorating my home.  if i had my way, my home would look like it came right out of a Pottery Barn catalog.  but since i don't make Pottery Barn money, my home looks more like something out of Target.  

anyway, in the process of all the moving i've done over the last seven years (7 times in 7 years), i've pretty much lost/given away all of my Christmas decorations.  that being the case, i needed
 to get some new ones this year.  so yesterday, me and a girlfriend drove an hour to the next town over to go shopping at the cutest home decor store.  best part?  all their Christmas decs were 40% off.  

here's the colors i'm doing on my tree this year:  

from top to bottom, it's chartreuse, burgundy and gold.  the gold will be the main color - i have these little gold balls that go over every other christmas light - and bought some small gold snowflakes and gold "bell garland" (skinny strands of jingle bells).  i'll also use the brushed gold bulbs.  the burgundy is actually a light, rusty pink color; i got some glittery little ornament wreaths in that color, and some large-size bulbs in the burgundy color that are accented with gold and chartreuse.  as for the chartreuse,  i bought these gorgeous glass bulbs that have a marbled look to them.  i also got some random pinecone and leaf ornaments in the burgundy and chartreuse.  

but the best purchase i made yesterday were the black and white peacock feathers to put in the tree!  it's almost going to be borderline tacky, so i'll have to make sure it doesn't end up looking gaudy.  i was inspired by the trees at the store: they were all tall and skinny so the ornaments and decorations were all bunched close together and it looked beautiful.  

i'm so excited to get decorating!  next step:  buying the perfect tree :)  


Christina said...

ooooh sounds lovely! can't wait to see pictures of the final product :)

Zarebski said...

Shopping & home decoration are best parts of Christmas to me. Have got my shopping for decorative accents through Ballard Designs.

Stephanie said...

I'm so jealous. 1)my husband is cheap and thus, so are my decorations. Cheap and 7 years old. 2) There is no room. NONE, in my house for a tree. Our few square inches of free space are solidly claimed by baby items now. I'm drooling over Champaign homes with big living rooms on Can't WAIT to have an open floor plan. :)