Wednesday, October 1, 2008


just got home from work.

watching Paula Deen make a dessert called Chocolate Delight. choc. angel food cake, whip cream, chocolate syrup, pecans. repeat. it's all stuffed in a trifle dish and looks incredible.

where is MY trifle dish? wish i would have written down who had borrowed what when i moved.

VP debates tomorrow night! MCCAIN/PALIN 2008.

need to go to the gym. also need to quit thinking about Paula Deen and pumpkin soup with cinnamon sugar croutons....


Annie said...

mmmm....pumpkin soup. now you've got me thinking about that! Sorry, I don't have your trifle dish : (

Hollie said...

thanks for paying me a visit today!

I love the table your husband built. It looks great. And, no one else has one just like it!

Cute blog!