Tuesday, September 30, 2008

since i work on saturday i've got today off, and i just woke up! (well, an hour ago, at noon). sometimes i am so thankful for the days that i can sleep in because they really don't come too often, but then i always hate it that i waste half the day sleeping....especially when i feel like there's things i need to get done. which there's always a list, isn't there?

anyway, i had to post pictures of the side table that brad built me this past week - i cannot say enough how much i love his carpentry skills! to date, he's built me a coffee table, tv armoire, headboard and now this table. the really neat thing about this table is that he made it using reclaimed barn wood, so it's got a beautiful, weathered look.

i love the slats for the shelf on the bottom

you can see the weathered texture on the top of the table

so, i love, love, love this table. it's got a fantastic white, blue-ish tint to it, and it looks so good with the other furniture he's built.

alright, i should probably get up and out of my bathrobe! it's going to be tough, i'm getting sucked into the Real Housewives of Orange County...one of the women's husband just bought her a 40k Rolex for her birthday. sounds nice, but i think i'd rather have a homemade table any day :)


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!

Christina said...

absolutely gorgeous! i'm so impressed with Brad's handyman skills! and i love how you capture it in a photograph, great team if you ask me!