Thursday, October 2, 2008

the debate

okay, i know, i know...this is all everybody's talking about, so i'm going to, also.

bottom line - i LOVE sarah palin. love her, love her, love her. i love her cute face and adorable glasses and shiny hair and am jealous of the fact that she probably has a better body than i do and she's delivered five children.

but what i love most about her is that, again, bottom line - she's not qualified to be the VP. not at all. but i can tell you what: after watching the debates tonight, she MORE than confirmed that she knows how i feel as an American, as a middle class, hardworking young woman. i loved it that i could listen to her and actually understand what she was saying and that i didn't have to filter everything she said into 'laymen's' terms (simple vocabulary).

and brad put it best when he said this tonight: "Sarah Palin made me proud to be an American again."

by the way, i would fully be in support of a Biden/Palin ticket! why didn't they think of that??

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