Sunday, October 12, 2008

life has been busy for this girl lately. i found out this week that i received the promotion at the bank i had been going for - GREAT news to hear! it was a little unsure if it would happen so i wasn't telling many people that i was going for it, but once they received corporate approval (i've only been in my current job for a month and a half...supposed to be there a year before 'posting out') i was able to apply and thankfully, i got the job. it's much better pay, better hours, and THREE weeks of vacation! i couldn't believe how good everything turned out. i fully believe it's a testimony to God's faithfulness when we tithe.

i've made some girlfriends! it's been wonderful beyond words to sit with other women and just be in the company of females. and on top of it, they're really amazingly great girls. so, i'm also feeling really happy about that accomplishment :)

so far, living in a small town has been great. i love seeing people all over town that i recognize, and 'name-dropping' to Brad - i get a kick out of knowing the people he's known his whole life, and knowing things about them that even he doesn't! believe me - you wanna know the local gossip? go to the nearest bank. seriously, i hear it all there.

the hardest thing at being in a tiny town? no selection of stores or restaurants. brad and i usually go out to eat on friday nights, and it sounds like this:

brad: 'so where do you feel like?'
me: 'well...i don't know. the steakhouse sounds good, i could go for one of their salads.'
brad: 'yeah, but we ate there last week. what about anglers? i love their burgers.'
me: 'oh, okay. i had that for lunch a couple days ago, but that sounds good.'

SERIOUSLY. there's about 4 quality restaurants in town to choose from. definitely a change from a big city, with an endless list of new restaurants to try. maybe i just need to try cooking one of the ducks that brad brings home from hunting? ;)

here's some pictures from a walk we took (at his parent's house - their land is that big) this past weekend. the weather's been beautiful in the Northwoods lately!


N.M.B. said...

have that boy bring you home some quail! You season them and wrap them in bacon, throw them on the grill..SO GOOD.

Annie said...

Looks so fun! You guys should cook together every friday night and get a movie. Mike and I used to do that (even if sometimes it was a frozen pizza). Gave us something to look forward too!

Katie said...

just came across your blog! so great!

Christina said...

Seanna! Congratulations on your promotion, that is such great news!!! and I'm so glad to hear that you have found some great girl friends, that is SO important!