Saturday, October 18, 2008

i think this is probably the earliest i've ever written a blog - 6:30am. geez...that's remarkable :) i actually have to be at work at 8, but i'm having breakfast with a co-worker at 7:15. it's crazy, but that's seriously how much i LOVE going to breakfast.

anyway. we all know i'm new to the 'small town living', right? i'm loving it more and more everyday and can't even express how wonderful this little town is. but i'm learning bit by bit that there are a few things about it that i just don't like. or rather, things that are just so different to me that i'm not sure what to do with them. and the first (and only) one i'll share today is this:

girls my age seem to have a very hard time being sociable to people who are "outsiders".

i noticed then when i first started coming up here to visit brad and his family, and it drove me crazy. i would sit and try to talk to them at campfires and i just felt like they didn't care. eventually it got to where i would come up and wouldn't even want to hang out with his friends, and that was a sore subject to get on, obviously. brad would always tell me, "they're just not used to new people and they're not good at getting 'outside' of themselves." yeah, no kidding.

well, i recently switched positions, which brought me to the bank's other office. and there are a few girls there that are my age, seem to be very talkative and friendly (with each other and everyone else) but just won't seem to give me the time of day! and i wonder if it's me, but then, i don't have a hard time at all making friends with anyone else - just the younger girls. i think i could tell you their background stories from the few times i've talked to them and made an effort to get to know them, but i'm not even sure they know anything about me, other than what i've volunteered because they never have asked.

it's all just odd to me. maybe it's cause i've done a lot of traveling, and have moved around a bit, and most of these girls have stayed in this town their whole lives. there's one girl who grew up with brad that i had a hard time with at first, and she's now become one of my closest friends here - she's wonderful. but it took (seriously) five years to get here!

maybe it's just one of those things. anyway - i've gotta get dressed for work. have a great weekend!

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Katrina said...

It is so hard to make friends when people are like that! I have come across my share of cliques and people who have grown up here and its like they just don't want to let you in. I hope these girls open up and realize how cool you are! =)