Wednesday, September 24, 2008

@ school

i'm sitting in a conference room in rural Wisconsin, waiting for my banker school to start up again. we're on a lunch break right now, and while it's nice to be on lunch, it's even nicer to just get done with everything and get out of here sooner. it's really interesting, the things that you learn you know how many differents way there are to title accounts?? it's incredible. and that most banks don't keep paperwork for trust accounts because if we know the information in them, then we're responsible to make sure any requirements to receive the money are met. that movie, The Bachelor, with Chris O'Donnell, was about that - he had to be married by a certain age in order to receive his trust fund.

anyway, i'm sure that's all very interesting to me and not so interesting to you :)

life is busy these days. brad and i just got involved in a Bible study at church, so we have that on Monday nights. i've been in training all week, and he's going to Minneapolis next week for work - for three weeks. believe me, i'm not excited it for it...we've also been looking at puppies....

for a while we were looking at american bulldogs, which are about the cutest puppy you'll ever see, but full grown i'm not a HUGE fan of them. i've wanted a lab from the beginning, but always thought i'd get a bigger dog once i had a bigger house. but i keep seeing these adorable pictures of them, and my resolve is weakening. they're just too darn cute, and such great dogs that i'm not sure i can resist. here's a couple pictures of some that are for sale in Minneapolis --

i think i would prefer a white one over a chocolate, but the blue eyes on the dark fur suck me in. i don't know, we'll see...brad wants a 'different' dog than the typical lab, even though he loves labs. he also loves to be different, which i have never felt a conviction to do. so we'll see how we work it out.

alright....class is starting and i have to learn how to open a joint checking account with two debit cards. exciting stuff :)


kristy said...

we love our yellow lab kaywood! you just cannot go wrong with a lab -- good luck with finding that special one!

Mrs. B. said...

Love my dog...but she sheds like nothing else. It's really very terrible. I have to vaccuum multiple times a day. No fun.
But they are great dogs.
(She's a yellow lab)

*Josh* said...

I know I'm biased, but American Bulldogs are the best dogs in the world. They aren't nearly as hyper-active as labs, and they are great family dogs. If you're in the citied anytime soon, stop by and see Hurley, and you will fall in love!

imo, don't get a lab unless you want to use him for hunting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with josh, labs shed and CHEW up everything until they are 2 years old. that's a lot of shoes and books and furniture...and black clothes are hopeless. haha. well, and all puppies are cute, it's what they become. English bulldog....hahaha, but I am biased.