Saturday, September 20, 2008

because i can

i'm so stoked to have the 'Net! and it practically feels like Christmas and my birthday this weekend cause DirectTV finally came and installed the dish. brad and i have plans to watch TV all.night.long cause we've been waiting forever to have them come out. if the boy ever gets back, that is...he's been out roofing all day. i'll tell ya what, he's a man's man, and i love it. who roofs a house all by themself?

lately, the only place i've been able to watch tv has been at work, and like i said in yesterday's post, we spend the mornings watching CMT, which i love more than you will ever know. but anyway, i've decided that i really love Jennifer Nettle's style. she's the lead singer of Sugarland, and despite the fact that her voice makes me cringe - except i love their new song, 'Already Gone' - i think she's about the cutest darn thing in country music since Martina. here's some pictures of her in her adorable clothes:

i think i love it that her style is slightly euro, slightly hippie - you have to be a certain body type to pull those pants off, but they give you mile-long legs

i would wear this in a where, i have no clue. love that strapless, loose top with the long necklace.

a little more casual, but it's cute. this picture reminds me that i actually have a shirt like this and have no idea where it is...i hate it when that happens.

okay, so i would probably never wear this in my life. but i still think it's cute.

i love this dress. just love it. i think it's classy and girly and yet still stylish.
i love her style, but i think so much of the appeal about her is that she always has glowing, pretty skin, glossy lips and hair that's always tousled but shiny.

alright - i'm actually continuing this post the next morning (Sunday) and i've got to get ready for church. we have plans today to do something outside today since the weather has been gorgeous this week. brad suggested kayaking down the river, but i'm not so sure about that....might be a little too chilly. but it's a perfect day to go 4-wheeling! might as well go redneck style.

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