Thursday, September 25, 2008

almost friday!

not like i have anything planned this weekend...but still. fridays always feel good. especially ones like tomorrow when i get done with training at 12.30 and am off the rest of the day.

this morning on my drive to banker school i was listening to one of the local radio stations give the morning news report. she was saying that a new study showed that there's an anti-oxidant that has been found in red wine that's supposed to protect against radiation. then she proceeds to say, "and this would be helpful in case we ever have a nucular attack!" she pauses..."or is is nuclear? whatever, it's all the same!" nucular? seriously? it made me smile :)

i've got a couple of HAVE TO DO priorities for the next month, here they are:

without fail, every fall i make my way to an apple orchard, and it is always one of my best days. i love it that they're always in the middle of the country and the leaves are bright red and orange and the air feels cool and crisp, and yet the sun is shining and warm. it's so fun to pick out apples - particularly of the HoneyCrisp kind, this is THE BEST apple you will ever eat, hands down - and pumpkins, and i usually always buy a cup of hot apple cider and fresh apple donuts. oh my word, i get excited just thinking about it...

of my new town! i love where i live and it's such a beautiful place that i'm always thinking, 'i need pictures of this' or 'that would be a great photo'....and i also want to give you guys an idea of the cute Northwoods town i'm living in.

okay, i just can't decide on a color. the dilemma is that the room is both a breakfast nook and a dining room, and for each different kind of room i would do a different paint color. i would picture a breakfast nook being a brighter, happy color, and a dining room being more dramatic. i've seriously thought of every possible color option - green, red, orange - and just can't decide. so the room sits, unused and ugly, and it's such a cute room! lots of windows, arched entryway...something has to be done. any ideas?

i think that's it, for now. i have things in the back of my mind i know i need to get done but these are probably the top 3 for right now. maybe this will actually hold me accountable to doing them!

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cam said...

oh my gosh I want to go to an apple orchard sooooo badly. honeycrisp apples are my favorite! I just haven't found anything comparable in Switzerland. :(

but yes, take pictures and paint! if you don't like the color, you can always paint it over. or do stripes with painters tape or something daring.