Friday, September 26, 2008

best time of year

as i've said many, many times, i love fall! it's my birthday season, i love the weather, i love the colors, i love everything about it. i've been wanting to do some fall decorating outside lately but wasn't sure what i wanted to do, and definitely didn't want to spend a lot of money. the good thing about being in a small town is that there's always a really cheap option: WAL MART. now, i really don't love this store like i love Target. i looooove me some Target like nothing else. but you take what you get, right?

so i went to Wal Mart tonight and spent $20 on my outdoor fall decs. here they are --

1.) indian corn + rope twine + ribbons = door decoration

this was super easy - all i did was bundle up 3 ears of the indian corn with the rope twine and tied a ribbon around it. total cost? $9. (for some reason that rope twine was pretty expensive, it was five dollars! this project would've been a lot cheaper without it...)

2.) indian corn + rope twine = fall garland

i strung up the indian corn on the rope twine by wrapping the rope around the tusks of corn, and then simply tying it onto the railing. i also bought a big pumpkin at Wal Mart for $4.

3.) coffee beans + apple cider scented candles + mason jars = rustic luminaries

i saw this idea in some country decorating magazine, except the woman whose home they were showcasing used these to line her driveway on Halloween night while children were trick or treating. well, i love all things mason jars, so sign me up. i got the mason jars from brad's momma and paid around $8 for the coffee beans and candles. also both at Wal Mart :)

...and the big picture! it's simple, it's cheap...and i love it.

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Christina said...

Yeah for fall decorations! you know how I love fall as well :) I have decorated with leaves, pinecones, and acorns from outside and the best part, it was free! i just went and bought some fall scented candles at Ikea and they smell so yummy! i love all your ideas, especially the candles in the jars w/coffee beans! adorable! i love watching you make your house into a cozy home :)