Saturday, September 27, 2008


this past week has been so draining on me, and i don't even know why. i think driving an hour each way to my training course, and then sitting for 8 hours for the past 5 days really took its course on me. and then i had to work all day today, which was a 7.5 hour shift with no breaks - doesn't sound bad, but Saturdays can be our busiest days. so, needless to say, i was ready for break.

that being said, i came home from work today and had the whole afternoon and evening to simply wind down. brad's out duck hunting with the guys and won't be back until later tonight, so i'm spending my time watching TV - DirtySexyMoney marathon! i love this show - and checking out some design options for the dining room. oh, and painting my poor little nails that haven't seen a bit of attention in months!

my favorite nail color - bubble bath

and a few wallpaper options - i'm exploring all the possibilities....

i don't know! i'm so, so confused about what to do. i like the idea of wallpaper, but i wouldn't do the entire wall, it would just be the lower half. but then i'd have to get paint for the top half (or vice versa), and then i probably wouldn't like the look of wallpaper meeting the paint, so i'd want to put in chair railing. grrr....i need an interior decorator who will just do this for me!

alright, my dinner is done and i'm a hungry girl, so i'm out -- have a great weekend!


N.M.B. said...

Have you ever thought about beadboard? I love dining rooms with beadboard on the bottom half of the way, a chair rail, and the top half painted a fun color. The white beadboard balances it out.

Christina said...

hmmm...if you want my expert opinion (which doesn't really mean anything!) out of those wallpaper options, i like the middle one the best for you and your color scheme....but looking back on your blogs, you originally wanted the warm orange color... i think that is a nice warm yet bold color. i think red would be too bold for the scheme throughout the house (of course i would love it) but you need something a little softer I think. but that color would look great with either white, brown or black.... ok, I just looked up what the different colors mean to see if that would help you decide! (you know me, there's psychology in everything!) check out these two sites: and

orange seems to be happy and cheerful, yet bold and stimulating... that might be your ticket! i'll be excited to read what you decide to go with!