Tuesday, August 19, 2008

why i love him.

i started my first day of work today, and it was....good. definitely met some great girls (cause i didn't meet a single man working in two different branches today, it was odd) and am excited to be an employee of this particular bank, as they're known for having some really great benefits, like profit sharing.

anyway, the day was good, but by the end of the day i had roughly figured out what my take-home pay would be every two weeks, and all i could think of as i drove home was, "how on earth is this going to work?" between my income and my bills, i'll be lucky to be eating at the end of the month.

but i went over to brad's house after work and met up with him, and he knew immediately that something was wrong. he pressed, but i didn't want to admit to him that i was already freaking out over my finances. finally - when tears were nearly falling - i told him that i was worried about the money i would (not) be making, and how i had no clue how i was going to work it all out.

bless his heart, if he didn't kiss me on my forehead and (gently) remind me that this job was exactly what i wanted, and had come at the perfect time, and that it's important to focus on being thankful. then he told me we were 'in it together' and that he'd be helping me out.

it's times like these that show me how lucky of a girl i am to have a man who helps my head stay on its shoulders...cause if it weren't for him sometimes, i'm pretty certain i'd be a basketcase.

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Annie said...

Faith. Everything has worked out perfectly so far, you are where you are supposed to be so keep faith and trust.

Speaking of jobs...I have been looking for some PT work and GC emailed me and said their Seattle office has an opening for office help. 10-15 hours a week doing whatever...filing, copying etc. I just can't get away....