Monday, August 18, 2008

in the clear

i got some great news this afternoon while getting my 'olive haze' paint re-filled at Hardware Hank...i passed my drug test! seriously, never in my very life did i think i would ever be saying that, but lo and behold, here i am. that was the weirdest thing, what on earth would make a drug test come back invalid?? part of me wonders if i ticked the woman off who was taking the samples - when i came out and handed her my cup i made the remark that i didn't know how she did that job (of collecting urine samples) and she curtly responded, "There are worse jobs." she's very true, and i was probably a little rude in saying that...not my intention, but oh well.

so, that's all to say that i'm starting work tomorrow morning at 8am, and i am happy to be getting a flow of income again.

STILL working on that stupid house. so far, i've completed the living room, entry way, my bedroom, the bathroom and the hallway, which we decided at the last minute to paint 'olive haze' and do all the trim work and doors white. it looks awesome, but has been tons and tons of work. the kitchen hasn't even been touched yet, and to make matters worse, the green paint i bought for the dining room is horrid. it's like, easter-egg-neon-green. definitely didn't look that way on the paint card. so, i'm back at square one with that room.

i found these paintings recently by an artist named Rodney White, and i can't help but think how great this would look in my (soon to be) yellow kitchen -

funny thing is that i saw this painting at an art store here in town and it was for sale for well over 200 dollars. went to Target the next week with Brad and saw it there for 50 bucks. i'm just hoping to find one in the Cities this weekend when i'm there.

oh, and reason no. 3304 why i love living in a small town: the woman in line behind me today at the hardware store invited me over to her house "just a block away" to look at her dining room cause she had sponge-painted it and thought i would "just love it." can't say i agreed, but she left me with a smile :)


N.M.B. said...

Small towns are the best! But...beware, people who live in them tend to like sponge paint and rag rolling. Clueless!

Stephanie said...

Yay for non-stoner pee! I'm about to go get a pedicure, which will be pleasant. Then I'm going to have a baby, which might not be pleasant in the process but I'm thinking will come through with good results. :)