Saturday, August 16, 2008

to the single girls -

trust me on this one: FIND A MAN WITH A BIG FAMILY.

last night, Brad's parents and his three brothers came over to help clean the yard up and paint the shutters on my little house. a job that would've certainly taken Brad and I an entire Saturday was done in just a couple hours....and for that i am so.grateful. cause believe you me, there is tons more to be done in that place.

oh, by the way - my drug test for work? it came back invalid. invalid. uh...definitely haven't been tokin' up, so i'm a little confused. at any rate, i had to drive an hour to the next town over to take the test again, which has now left my start date for work to be indefinite. and when i went to take the test (the awkward pee-in-a-cup), i had to have someone in the room with me. i could not believe it...i felt like a crack addict or something.

anyway - back to the house again, today's the Big Push cause tomorrow i'm movin' in!


Annie said...

just a semi-interesting fact. Mike said they do that (watch you pee) so that you don't exchange pee with the stuff you are carrying around in your pocket (right...). Or so you don't suck on a penny which can get your druggy pee to be not so druggy. My guess is that is was too diluted, don't drink a ton of water first! Glad things are going well for you though!

Stephanie said...

Good luck with the Big Push, you little stoner, you. hehe.

Hoping to have my own Big Push soon. I think Michael's hoping even more, because I'm a big, cranky mess.


Mrs. B. said...

Photos of the house are in order here...