Thursday, August 14, 2008

what doesn't belong?

picture this: 9 guys, 1 girl. golf course. cigarettes, chewing tobacco, flip flops, 5 sets of clubs and only 3 experienced golfers.

yep, these are the people i'm hanging out with these days...sounds fun, right? :) according to brad's brother, caleb, this town is full of great men and sub-par women. i can't say i can agree with the women part since i don't know too many, but i do like brad's guy friends, even if they are a little rough around the edges. we went and played a golf scramble tonight, and believe me, it was fun, but i'm definitely going to be needing some female interaction pretty soon. i can't tell you how many dirty jokes i heard tonight....

i'm still hard at work painting my new house - we've been working on the living room and my bedroom, which should look really great when we get done. the living room will have an accent wall in 'olive haze' - a smoky olive color - and the other walls will be 'breadstick', which is a bisque, light tan (brad says it looks grayish to him, i don't see it) and the windows and trim are all getting painted white. the bedroom color is 'murmur', which is a soft pink. right now i'm not liking the bedroom too much cause the wood trim is making it look purple-y, which is definitely not the effect i was going for. but painting the trim white in there will make a difference, also, i think. the kitchen will be a soft yellow, 'duckling', and the bathroom is 'dinosaur gray'. and by the way, if you ever want to drive yourself absolutely crazy, just paint-tape some windowpane strips. i briefly considered opening my one bottle of wine at 2pm just to take the edge off of my irritation...but i didn't :)

also, i bought my first couch today! it's the 'Mercer' from Slumberland -
please just picture it without those ugly pillows...i'm hoping to get the matching chair eventually, but we'll see. i need to get a dang paycheck soon. i'll try and get pictures up ASAP!

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Annie said...

Cute! I like it. Can't wait to see the "finished' product!