Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sweet peas

these two doodlebugs are my new favorites (my adopted nieces, the way i see it), and i got to meet them for the first time last week. obviously, i had the camera ready to go.

isabella + makenna

please tell can you look at these sweet faces and not love babies?? speaking of babies, my best friend is in the hospital right now awaiting the birth of her firstborn baby girl, olivia paige. or paige olivia. she hasn't decided yet. i told her she needs to get on that...but i think she's just more concerned about actually getting the baby out right now. can't say i blame her.


TNgirl said...

They are so cute! You take some excellent pictures; you should really think about being a photographer.

Annie said...

They are so precious! I hope steph is doing well, let me know if you hear something!