Wednesday, March 31, 2010

workout mix

springtime = oh-crap-i-have-to-wear-a-swimsuit-in-3-months (if you live where i live...maybe it's a little sooner for some of you?)

i'm always looking for great workout song suggestions. until i get some new ones [COMMENTS!], here's what i'm playing on my shuffle:

with every heartbeat - robyn
heartless - kanye
good life - kanye
say it right - nelly furtado
maneater - nelly furtado
rise up [radio edit] - yves larock
love is gone - david guetta
whataya want from me - adam lambert
blame it - jamie foxx
empire state of mind - jay z
day n nite - kid cudi
closer - neyo
dead and gone - TI feat J. timberlake
live your life - rihanna

i'm a total pop-rap-BEAT girl. i would definitely recommend any of these songs to get you motivated!


Bri said...

I've been to a class at the Y where they always have GREAT music.
They post the playlists online.

The site may be of some service!

Katie said...

I miss your blogging! Hope all is well!

Toni said...

Hi! Funniest thing. I'm a swedish boy who happends to like country music. When I googled "öl country musik stockholm" your old post about Texas Longhorn shows up in the top of the searches. Unfortunetly that just means there aren't that many places in Stockholm that serves beer and plays country music. Just wanted to let you know, for fun! Hope you enjoyed Sweden!

Margit said...

I am going to be an Au Pair in Malmo, Sweden in the fall and just found your old blog. I have a quick question, I don't even know if you blog anymore so you may never see this, but, how long did it take you to get the visa?