Saturday, March 13, 2010

can we skip march & april?

i gotta be honest...i'm in a huge funk right now.

i'm not even sure i could put it all in words, even if i tried. and i attribute this funk to a number of different factors - the weather SUCKS right now [gray, rainy, cold, icky]. i'm bored with life...i go to work, i go home. that's pretty much it. i feel lonely. i have great friends here, but since i've been in this small town i haven't made the kind of friends that i can call up on a Friday night and ask if they want to go have a drink. Brad is working a lot of late nights at the moment. i just wish i could fast-forward through the nasty, gross months of march and april and just get right to summertime where i can entertain myself outside, and people go out more, and there's generally just more going on.

but in regards to the friends...i've been living in this town for about a year and a half. and don't get me wrong, the girls i've met have been fun, great girls and i really value our friendships. however - i have very few friends who aren't pregnant or moms, and as much as i love my pregnant-and-mothers friends, they just live life in a different way [understandably].

not sure where i'm going with this. just need to get it OUT of me.

does anyone else live in a town where it pretty much skips from winter to summer with about a week of springtime? [meaning, the week of spring is in May??]


Katrina said...

I don't really have the weather problem... but I totally get what you are saying about the friends thing. I have lived here for almost 3 years, and only have a couple friends here, but they aren't really close friends... It is rough! Hope your funk goes away soon!

Aly said...

I know what you mean! I am not into winter sports, and my town thrives in the summer. We're a big town for horse racing. I just wish we could skip through the winter months. I hope things start to look up for you.

Aly said...

Left you something on my blog!