Thursday, February 11, 2010

quick randoms

i'm on my lunch right now, so i've got approx. 7 minutes to write this before i have to run back to the i'll make it quick.

1 - i had my first 'adult' physical last week and just got my blood test results back and i'm healthy!! not a huge surprise for a 28 year old female, but i was a little anxious to see how it would all turn out. everything's great, PTL! [praise the Lord :)]

2 - Friday Night Lights? favorite show. maybe not EVER, but it's up there. does anyone else watch this?

3 - been cutting my calories, sort of. i'm careful w/ breakfast, lunch and snacks, but dinner is just almost too difficult to watch since i'm just not willing to make 2 separate dinners. as much as my husband loves me and always thanks me for dinner, i'm pretty sure he would not appreciate a chicken breast and vegetables for dinner every night. because that's all i would cook. because i'm not creative with food. i've lost 3 lbs this last week.

4 - i love reading blogs. love reading blogs. however. do you ever get addicted to blogs when the blog writer just annoys the absolute HECK out of you? i tell myself, 'if i don't like it i don't have to read it' but i almost want to read it just for the blogger's sheer ridiculousness! all i have to say is, quit being a brat. be thankful for what you have. you are not too good for anything. and for the love of the Lord, STOP COMPLAINING all the time!

okay, time's up. enjoy your Thursdays, it's almost the weekend! [and the big looove holiday, Valentines Day! tomorrow's our engagement anniversary ;)]


Katrina said...

I'm with ya on the blog thing!

Annie said...

1. that's good news because i remember the summer of 2004 when you called me from GA and thought you had cancer in your leg and were possibly dying.

2. never heard of it. what is it about?

3. No brad would not want chicken and vegetables every night. Who would? Congrats on the 3 pounds. Seriously can't wait until I can exercise outside.

4. hehe

Kristen said...

Oh, I SO love Friday NIght Lights...I think the new season is back on in April!

I also lack creativity in general...let alone when I'm cooking...which is why I don't do it nearly as much as I should! Josh normally gets meat and potatoes out of me, since he doesn't do veggies (he's an only child! HA!)

I honestly can't handle the complaining's so draining! Not to mention, I don't need to hear the drama...especially if it isn't "good" drama to read about!

Ashley said...

hey! i love friday night lights! me and angie were addicted to it but i didn't know it was on again???

Prissy Southern Prep said...

About #3, I can so relate to you! I have been watching my calories too. But, my hubby can eat anything he wants (and loves to do so) and still stays skinny! So, he would much rather have a cheesy mexican casserole or fried pork chops or something rather than the grilled chicken or fish that I need to be eating!