Thursday, January 28, 2010


Due to a terrible sinus cold, I'm camped out on my couch in my favorite long johns and wrapped up in a soft old quilt and nursing these two drinks:

Completely unrelated, but did anyone else know that it is, in fact, possible to burn something in the crock pot? I put a rump roast in my crock pot last night cause it seemed to be the easiest way to come up with a quick dinner. I put it on high, and this morning I woke up and lifted the lid and oh my word, it was scorched. Very frustrating cause those big roasts aren't cheap, and I seriously believed it was impossible to burn stuff in a crock pot! Looks like Brad is having frozen pizza for dinner tonight. Oops.


Mrs. B. said...

Stinks (literally) about your crockpot episode. I think that overnight on high is way too long to leave anything in the crockpot though.
Just from experience you usually start it late in the am or early afternoon and it's done by dinner time.

Christina said...

no fun being sick, but it means you can get caught up on your blogs!!! you weren't looking forward to going into work earlier this week, so you got that now ;) and i think it's hilarious you put a roast on high overnight! your intentions were noble, planning ahead! you better be pumping liquids into that thing continuously, i would think as long as it stays moist it shouldn't burn, but just be super tender!! did it actually dry out and that's how it burned?

Christina said...

PS try eating A LOT of garlic to see how quickly it helps you get better! make something for yourself that has 3 or 4 cloves of garlic... Brad has to stay away from you anyway!! i had a lingering cold that would not go away and i made an omelette with 2 cloves of garlic and ate something else, soup maybe? that had a lot of garlic in it! and i was rid of the cold the next day. i'm curious to see how well it works for others! it can't hurt you! unless your stomach can't handle garlic :)

Stephanie said...

Yes, low for the overnights. High for about 4-5 hours max, and always better if there's some liquid in there. :) Love you!