Monday, October 26, 2009

time to get serious

just so you know, i drank the last drop of my wine as i posted on Facebook, "just bought Jillian Michael's '30 Day Shred'! so excited to try it out!' AND i'm getting ready to go cook steak and cheesy biscuits for dinner. for my husband. i'll be eating a little piece of steak with spinach casserole. (see, i did find some casserole recipes!)

but really, i did buy '30 Day Shred' because i'm in this workout class that meets once a week and our instructor, Nicole, is apparently always doing moves from The Biggest Loser, and can i just say that every class of hers i think, "it HAS to be easier this week! i almost died last week!" and it never is? after Nicole's classes, i'm seriously sore.for.days. this last week, my BUTT was even super sore! i really don't have that happen often.

so i'm really excited to get on the fitness bandwagon. so is everyone else at my gym cause i showed up tonight and there wasn't a single treadmill or elliptical machine available. talk about annoyed...i'm very much into routines and i was halfway tempted to either a) leave or b) sit until one opened up, but i decided to save face and halfheartedly do the machines. and while this is a little off subject....more and more i'm starting to realize that IN MY OPINION, light, skinny people were made for running. people like my friends Annie and Mike over at Little Running Feet. it just looks painful when large people do it.

note - i know it seems as though i've been on the food-and-fitness kick lately, but really? birth control did not do me any good and i'm happy to say i'm no longer on it. which is why i'm on a renewed mission to LOSE THE 10 POUNDS IT MADE ME GAIN. all in my butt and hips. thankyouverymuch.


Prissy Southern Prep said...

I can feel your pain girl! I am on the fit train as well. Good luck to you!

Alicia Marie said...

I am also joining the fitness and food band wagon. Childbirth did not do my body any favors...

I have the 30 day shred dvd and love it... but it kills me! I have only made it to level 2 and if i dont do it for a week or so, i have to go back to level 1. Great workout though... good luck!

Annie said...

you are too funny.

have you heard of P90x? Mike is getting it for me for Christmas.

TNgirl said...

I bought the 30 Day Shred DVD the beginning of this year and was so excited about it too but unfortunately it has never been used. Maybe you will inspire me to actually start using it soon!