Sunday, August 30, 2009

yeah, so?

because it's the weekend and i'm off tomorrow AND have brownies in the oven, i feel like i can bare my soul a little bit here and share some of my guilty pleasures. granted, these aren't that guilty, but i have some friends that i'm not too sure i'd readily admit to loving, loving these things.

the rachel zoe project

i find rachel to be way too skinny, and i feel for her husband! he's always off in the shadows, and she says he's her "business partner" but....really? he's probably just her investor. you can tell he'd totally be fine living in the city and having a baby and drinking Starbucks. anyway. i love this show! it always makes me wish that i had millions of dollars on hand to wear beautiful, vintage Armani and Chanel and also that i had someone to constantly put my hair in those adorable waves rachel's always sporting. i think brad is the cutest thing ever [omg, who wears bowties and looks that cute in them?!?] and even though taylor is constantly in a bad mood, i still like her snark.

real housewives of atlanta

none of them work - like any of the housewives do- and most of them live in dream worlds [namely, Sheree - i have never seen anyone love themselves as much as she does], but for some reason, i could watch this show all night! i think kim is my favorite just cause i like her shiny wig hair and the fact that nobody likes her this season except for Kandi [who i'm still trying to figure out what drama she'll contribute, she seems genuinely nice]. sometimes i wonder where women like these find any value in their lives; all they do is go out to eat and drink wine and gossip about each other. sad, but their lives sure are entertaining...

perez hilton

oh man, i love this website. i seriously can't stand him - i find him to be extremely biased and hypocritical - and have tried numerous times to delete him out of my history, but i can't help it. i love his simple, scrolling celebrity updates. i love how he picks certain celebs and makes fun of them. and i love how he updates a million times a day!

christian fiction

i have an extreme addiction to reading christian fictional novels [which is probably how i justify reading perez hilton; it's all about balance, right?] and brad loves - loves - to tease me about it. my favorite kinds are historical love stories, such as the series above by Cathy Marie Hake. one of the best ones i've ever read is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, i would recommend it to every girl out there. but anyway, i love these books and they're always best-read in the bath with a glass of wine or right before bed :)

white t-shirts

most of you are probably wondering, 'what kind of guilty pleasure are white t-shirts??' but let me tell you...i own way.too.many of them. my favorite kind are the super soft, brushed cotton tees - j.crew makes some great v-neck tees - but i'm pretty impartial to the brand. the great thing about these t-shirts is that they can be worn with ripped jeans and flip flops, as seen in my engagement photos, or worn under a vest, or worn to bed, or to work with casual pants. these things are a staple in my wardrobe.

well, my brownies are out of the oven and brad just got home, so we're going to take the motorcycle on a Sunday drive. should be fun, the weather is gorgeous. enjoy the last of your weekends!


Annie said...

i love how you just can't delete perez hilton from your history. hilarious! I remember when you introduced me to that site...i believe we were at WORK. now that's classy huh? Any way, i need to call you soon so you can tell me all about your honeymoon and how married life is treating ya! It's already almost been a month!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I love RHOA, those women are insane!!