Monday, August 31, 2009

Things That Are Annoying to Me Today

1 - the fact that i probably capitalized/didn't capitalize the right words in my blog title

2 - people whose Facebook statuses CONSTANTLY HAVE CAPS and are 12 sentences long. remember when you could only ever write "Seanna is ___________" sometimes i miss those days.

3 - people whose Facebook statuses are always - always - about going to the gym. that's great that you work out! so do most of the rest of, you really don't look like you're at the gym so cut it out.

i'm actually in a really great mood and it probably sounds like i'm not...i was just on Facebook and literally every day there's a few people who drive me nuts with these kind of updates. almost to the point where i want to delete them, cause they're not really close friends - or any kind of friends, really - of mine. occasionally i am easily annoyed, and this is apparently one of those times.

i got my name all changed today! my driver's license now bears Brad's last name, and i couldn't be more tickled. i remember one day back when we were dating he and i were talking about how a girl we knew was considering keeping her maiden name and Brad said, "that's fine for some people, but the girl that i marry better be proud to take my name!" well, i was that girl, and i am beyond proud to carry his name!


Bobbie said...

That couldn't be because his last name is the same as the best boy group ever!?!

connie said...
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connie said...

I just had a typo. Didn't think it would say that I deleted it. Annoying. So, to my message:

GIRL, go to the right of their name and status update on the facebook newsfeed and you can choose to "hide so-and-so". DO IT! It really does help. I'm the same. I don't care if you are about to take a nap, eat a sandwich, go to the gym, or are STILL in love with your baby.

And, Hansen looks good on you.