Thursday, January 1, 2009


made it down to the South this past Sunday to visit my family for a week.  i hadn't seen them since August of 2007, so it was long overdue.  we flew into Atlanta this past Sunday and drove to Augusta and visited my uncle and his family, and then drove down to Warner Robins and have spent the last 3 days with my dad and his family.  it's been fun - we went over to Columbus, GA and visited a Civil War museum (definitely more for the benefit of Brad and my brother, me and my stepmom talked the whole time) - and then on Tuesday night, i started feeling a little nauseous.  by the middle of the night, i was hugging the toilet.  Brad also was sick, so the two of us literally slept all day on Wednesday, and were passed out when the ball dropped.  

But, today's a better day!  we're both feeling better and getting ready to head up to Atlanta to visit my best friend and her family.  she just had her first baby in August and i can't wait to meet her, although i'm bummed that i won't be able to hold her much - don't want to get her sick.  i would also like to point out that the weather down here has been a full 70 degrees warmer than its been in Wisconsin.  i could get used to it....

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Annie said...

wow, august 2007. That's the last time I saw you too : (