Thursday, December 11, 2008

the problem

okay, so here's the problem with advertising your blog on your facebook - everyone you know reads it!  i don't do it anymore for this purpose because seriously, you get so tired of censoring everything.  it's bad enough that my whole family reads it (haha...kind of) and they just carried over from my blog from Stockholm, but i hate the feeling that i can't really share what i'm feeling or thinking.  
so, given that disclaimer, here's my ambiguous rant of the day about a certain person i work with.  
do you ever feel like there's some people in your life that, even if you were wearing the cutest outfit you've ever owned in your life, had a great hairday and the perfect handbag, despite of all this, standing next to them you just feel ugly? and stupid? i know this is a little extreme, but i can't shake this!  i work with this girl who, really, i think we'd be good friends if there wasn't this constant sense of "i feel like an idiot around her."  
she's the kind of girl that has it all together, a great career at a young age, dresses nicely, is only into name brands, probably has never had a messy car in her life, makes lots of money...i could go on and on.  now, i have NO PROBLEM with people like this.  in fact, i know people like this who are my friends.  the thing about this girl is that she's just got this air about her.  like an 'i'm better than you' air.  i know that brad thinks i read into things too much, but come on!  i'm a girl.  we can sense this in other girls.  this person i'm talking about, she has these kind of shifty eyes that will look you from head to toe while you're talking, and i immediately feel just....less than.  

and, well...that's it.  i do like her, and would even say i look up to her, career-wise.  but i just feel like such a fool around her...and i know it's unbecoming.  i'm working through it.  giving myself pep talks all Stuart-Smalley style..

by the way, my purse turned up at Walmart.  turns out it was just 'in their safe' the whole time.  definitely the weirdest thing that's happened to me this year, but i don't feel like rambling off the long story.  let's just say that my purse was NOWHERE to be found on sunday night, and on tuesday afternoon, it shows up 100% intact, nothing gone...and my $18 tree stand with it.


Annie said...

glad your purse was found! yes, i know people like this and it sucks, even if they are really nice people. Brad will certainly not 'get it' because boys don't get that! haha

Sweet Soft Southern Thrill said...

Glad they found your purse! You must be so relieved! And yes, there are a ton of girls like that...and you're right, guys just don't understand!