Sunday, December 7, 2008

the good news

- is that i got my christmas tree.  

the bad?  it came at the cost of getting my freaking PURSE stolen at Wal-Mart.  in all the bustle of getting the tree quickly into the back of Brad's Jeep - it was about 15 degrees and snowing like crazy - i jumped in the car, not realizing that i left my purse in the cart at the front of the store.  right next to the doors.  so we drive off and as i live seriously 2 minutes from Wal-Mart, we pulled into my drive and i remembered that i left it in the cart.  we go right back to Wal-Mart...and the purse - along with the Christmas lights and $18 tree stand (is that a rip off or what?!?) i had bought is gone.  

wallet, cell phone, credit cards, checkbook, PASSPORT (i stupidly didn't take it out of my purse after applying for my new driver's license last week)....all gone.  in the period of maybe four, five minutes.  i sobbed all the way home.  

but my sweet boyfriend told me to take a bath while he went back to the store, talked to the manager, bought me a new tree stand and lights and came back and put the tree up for me.  sweet, huh?


Natalie said...

awe... what a day. But what a sweet boy you have!

Annie said...

oh no, that sucks! what are you going to do? What a mean thing at christmas.