Thursday, November 20, 2008

i'm a hunting widow...

ever heard the expression "hunting widow"?  it's what a woman is during hunting season...and what i'm soon to be this weekend.  this Saturday morning marks "opener," as everyone calls it - the first weekend that you can hunt for deers with rifles.  folks, this might as well be a national holiday in northern Wisconsin. 

i've got two tellers off on Friday and Monday since they'll be out hunting for the weekend - mind you, they're girls.  we filled the ATM with extra money since the weekend brings so many people to town.  i've seen men (and women) around town all this past week in their hunter's orange gear (blinding, i tell you).  most hunters have been out scouting for deer for over a month, and the local butcher just put an ad in the paper for an additional butcher due to "venison season."  and Brad?  yep, i'll see him tonight for dinner at his parent's house, and then not again until Sunday night.  he's mighty stoked for the weekend, and it's a big deal in his family - all the men (and boys - brad's youngest brother can FINALLY hunt this year - have to be 12 or 13 - and he's SO EXCITED) are staying in a cabin in the woods and hunting together.  

as for me, im still working on saying "deer" in the plural and not "deers"....and asking if they "caught anything" when they come in from hunting :)  

in BIGGER news, we finally got our puppy!!  okay, i so, so wish i could put pictures up, but my computer is freaking out these days, and for some reason my photos won't transfer onto Brad's Mac??  so i don't have pictures, but trust me when i say, he is a gorgeous puppy.  he's a little "snow lab" - ivory, not yellow - has a little pinkish-tan nose and beautiful blue eyes.  have you ever seen a blue-eyed lab??  i didn't even know they existed.  anyway, his name is Beau, and he's the sweetest, most laid-back puppy.  he's definitely a chewer, but for the most part he's already house-broken and just loves to be near you.  by the way, this was Brad's Christmas gift -- got him so he could take him hunting next year.  

not much else going on these days.  just working a lot, still working on the dining room - the room is actually one big room, half is the dining room part, and the other half is the laundry room.  weird, i know.  but i painted the dining room the burnt orange-y, pumpkin color, and the laundry room a deep mustard yellow and did all the trim white.  it looks good, but there's still some finishing touches to put on it.  right now it just has a bunch of paint cans, window blinds, and other miscellaneous junk in it, and i'm SO TIRED of looking at it.  i'm off this weekend so i have big plans to get it wrapped up.  

well, i should get going with the rest of my day.  hope everyone has a great almost-Friday!


Alicia said...
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Alicia Marie said...

Ahh, the opener. I am from a small town in Michigan and it is an actual holiday for us. Kids ALWAYS have the day off of school when rifle season begins. It is scheduled and planned just like Christmas.Kinda makes me miss home...but NOT the orange camo!

Annie said...

is his youngest brother REALLY that old? gee! well, you can call me saturday or sunday if you get bored. I'll be around doing nothing.