Saturday, November 8, 2008

freakin' ridiculous.

i'm on my FOURTH dining room color.  why can't i just pick one???  

so, i first chose a light green color, and then got it on the wall and it was, like, pistachio green.  no thank you.  i took it back and had it darkened, and only then realized, who puts a light green, cool-toned color in their dining room?  

then i played around with the idea of having an orange dining room.  loved the idea, but once i got to the hardware store, i just couldn't do it.  it was too bold for me.  so i decided on a yellow-gold color.  paid $44 dollars for it - Benjamin Moore, believe me, i won't do that again - brought it home, painted the walls, and loved it.  for two days.  over the past week i keep staring at it like...i just don't like it.  it's too bright gold.  

today after work i go to the hardware store and ask them to darken it for me.  the guy looks at the paint color ingredients and says that all he can do is add an orange gold color to it.  he does, and in the end, it looks maybe a little shade darker than the original color.  and then out of complete frustration, i march over to the cheap paint, rip an orange color off the wall - Summer Solstice, it's called - hand it to the guy and say, "i should've done this a long time ago.  i'll take this one in the CHEAP paint."  

my project this afternoon?  painting my dining room for the third time, in the pretty, rustic orange color i thought from the beginning i wanted.  we'll see how it works out.  


Annie said...

hope it works! post pics!

Christina said...

i like orange, even though it's bold!! can't wait to see it in some pics :)

Stephanie said...

So, how's the orange?