Friday, November 28, 2008

i must be crazy

i braved Black Friday WAL-MART.  after reading the ads in the paper i discovered that they had a microwave on sale for $25, and a vacuum cleaner for $28, and i have been in desperate need for both items (it seems that going without a microwave would be easy, but believe me, you never realize how much you use it until you don't have one).  

so...i rolled out of bed at 4:40am, threw on a pair of jeans, my coat and walked out the door and drove half a block to Wal-Mart.  and it was CHAOS inside.  they had all their Black Friday deals lining the big center aisles, and they were all wrapped up until 5am.  people were standing guard over their $130 Kitchen Aid mixers, $300 computers, and $600 flat screen tv's, just waiting to snatch up their big deals. 

it was funny, as i was walking out of the store (which had turned into madness, you couldn't even walk through the aisles cause it was so crowded...keeping in mind this town has less than 5000 people) i realized that i felt so grown up (which i ought to, considering i'm 27...)  i had woken up at 5am to get a good deal on a microwave and a vacuum!  how domestic of me.  


connie said...

microwave. i've gone a year and a half without one. now i think i can do anything. the sky is the limit. no small appliance is going to have reign over me!

Mrs.Preppy said...

I was at WalMart at 4:40 for the $130 KA mixer! And the super cheap $9 vacuum. Plus a couple other things... our was a mad house, but we were in and out by 5:30, then back at home in bed. I will get up at the crack of dawn any day of the week to save hundreds.