Friday, October 24, 2008

thank GOD it's Friday

it's been a good week here in good 'ol small town USA. the talk of the town is gas going down .10 cents, and opening of Wal-Greens :)

work has been good. i'm still getting to know all of the different employees, and and am having to learn a whole new set of customers, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - cause now when i'm out and about in town, i see customers who recognize me and greet me, and i love that! makes me feel welcome, and it is true what Miranda Lambert says...everyone truly is "famous in a small town."

i've been getting back into working out, although it's about a billion times harder to make myself go to the gym since my iPod broke. i'm going to the Cities (Minneapolis/St Paul) this weekend and am planning to get one. it's a big purchase but i've about reached my threshold of working outs sans music. it's AWFUL.

in other news, i'm going to a wedding next weekend and have NO IDEA what to wear to it! i'm wearing my cute sassy new heels, but am clueless about a dress.

well...sorry this isn't more entertaining! my life isn't very entertaining these's mainly work, eat, hang out with brad, and sleep. i've got friends i hang out with, and i do go to the gym, but it's very mundane lately. i'm totally okay with that :)

i'm off to (the usual) Wal-Mart. i need to pick up some groceries, and i think they have their white pumpkins on sale! i love those...not much longer you can have them out, huh? hard to believe Thanksgiving is a month away!!

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