Monday, March 8, 2010

current faves

because i just rarely seem to write on my blog - let's face it, living in the middle of nowhere doesn't give you a lot of material - i'm grasping at straws to come up with things to talk about. BUT who can go wrong with talking about their favorite things?

[for the moment] i'm crazy over these things...

1.)Laughing Cow Light cheese

okay. is anyone else trying to get themselves motivated to lose a few pounds?? i know, i know, i'm always trying. however, i just have to say that eating this cheese seriously doesn't feel like you're on a diet at all! it's amazing. Garlic & Herb is the best, but French Onion is pretty darn good, too. and the best part is that each little wedge is only 35 calories!
on a side note, Brad was digging through the fridge the other day to try and find milk and finally he shuts the door and says to me, 'well, we don't have any milk. but we do have 6 bags of shredded cheese.' heaven help me, i <3>


his name deserves all caps. and he is always a favorite of mine. however, he is especially a favorite of mine now that i'm FINALLY going to see him in concert in May! he's playing with Brooks & Dunn for their farewell tour, and thanks to a sweet bonus from work i'm going to see him. i am not kidding, ladies...his CD, 'Wide Open' is a listen-to-from-start-to-finish, and i'm not even kidding. okay, i totally just wrote that twice and almost deleted it but left it so you would know how EMPHATIC i am about him. go and YouTube these:

'Love Was Easy'
'Back in This Cigarette'
'This I Gotta See'

3.) Anthony Bourdain

Because 2007-2008 was the Year of Seanna's Travels [11 countries, 3 continents], i have fallen in love with travel shows. can't stand Samantha Brown, am grossed out by Andrew Zimmerman...but Anthony Bourdain is my favorite to watch. he's got a dry sense of humor, i would imagine a dirty mouth, and is one of those people that you think you'd be bored by, but end up wanting more of. i will admit that i have a slight gray fox crush on him - Brad always teases me when he's on tv - and that he could probably be my father, but just watch his episode on where he gets stuck in Beirut due to the Lebanon-Israel war crisis. his insight is inspiring, his tan even more so.

5.) L'oreal Sublime Bronze

speaking of tans, we've officially reached the time of year when the weather gets nicer and i start [little by little - remember, people, i live in 'weather hell' as my Georgia dad affectionately calls it] pulling short sleeves out of my closet. and i inevitably always feel gross and ugly in my white, short sleeve shirts and white, pasty arms.
enter Sublime Bronze. i bought this on a whim at a Walgreens a couple years ago, and i have not looked back. i'll be honest, nothing looks better than a real, sun kissed tan. but i'll be 29 this year and i am not trying to look like Rachel Zoe. anyway, this stuff is AMAZING. i only use a little bit - too much and you look like Lindsay Lohan - but it seriously gives you that pretty, first-tan glow. it doesn't streak, but you have to wash your hands! i've had some nasty orange hands from this stuff.

alright, my Carhartt-wearing [and Walgreen's sweatshirt wearing] husband is home and waiting for dinner and just tentatively said, 'i hate to push you...' [aka GET MY DINNER, WOMAN] so that's my cue ;) happy Monday-almost Tuesday!

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Prissy Southern Prep said...

I love LC Cheese wedges, but I usually forget to buy it at the store. It is great for low calorie snacks. Ok, I love love love Jason Aldean. I posted a video from his Crossroads show on CMT on one of my posts a while back. I've never tried the L'oreal Sublime, but I currently use Fake Bake and St. Tropez. St. Tropez is my favorite :)