Saturday, August 22, 2009

the big day - a sneak peek!

i haven't yet received all of our photos, i imagine that will take a few weeks? but here's a few from what we've gotten so far [many of you have already seen these on facebook!] and i have to apologize for the random order of the photos, Blogger was being ridiculous...

getting ready...Christina's a great friend of mine who's done my hair for a number of events over the years...let's just say she's improved greatly since our freshman year of college! love ya, Christina ;)

pre-ceremony shots with the bridesmaids...

my stepdad made homemade chocolate chip cookies as favors for the guests
the lemons in the hurricane vases were on our round tables, the table numbers were DIY

the bouquet toss! i had all the girls doing the dance from "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"

our first dance. we danced to "Shelter" by Ray LaMontagne. it was a sweet moment.
making our "grand entrance" - can you tell i was excited??

after the ceremony. i couldn't stop looking at my ring!

annie and i used to spend hours looking at e-rings (pre-husbands)...then we got our own and had to take a picture with them!

my maid-ly matron of honor and very best friend, Stephanie :)
praying together after favorite part of the ceremony.
during the ceremony, about to take communion.

the ceremony took place at Brad's parents house...i loved, loved the view from where we stood.
i made my entrance to the ceremony on a horse-drawn carriage...making my way to get on.

the wedding party doing it country-style! the white truck was simply a way to get people out to the back 40 to take pictures...ended up being a perfect shot!

waiting to see my groom for the first time...i was a little grouchy in this shot cause i arrived before him and wanted it the other way around. this was the only hectic time during the day, thank God!

my bouquet was too pretty, and i loved the navy/white striped grosgrain ribbon.

Hopefully i'll have some new pictures to show you guys pretty soon! but for now these will have to do...honestly, it was a truly perfect day and i'd be lying if i didn't say i wasn't waiting for the other shoe to drop. you hear so many stories of how things just don't work out on some people's wedding day, and that you just have to roll with the punches and deal with what you get...we didn't have anything like that happen! everything was exactly as i had planned for it to be. i think as our pictures come out i'll probably do a post about each aspect of the day - the ceremony, reception, etc. i'm pretty proud of all the DIY stuff i did for the wedding, and i aim to share it!

overall, marriage so far has been so great. i remember going through all the planning and the stress of getting everything ready, and i would think to myself, "really?? all this just to be married?? we should've eloped!" but in the end, it was all so worth it, and every part of the day made the joy behind actually married that much sweeter.

we're off to church in a bit, so i hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Kristen said...

Your pics look great! I loved your colors.

Aly said...


Christina said...

It was an absolutely perfect day! All your hard work payed off! I was very impressed with your vision and organization! And it was an honor to do your hair ;)