Thursday, May 21, 2009

the decs

table decorations

my vision for tables and centerpieces has always been to have something fresh and pretty. Back in the fall I bought some fake lemons at Wal-Mart and put them in a hurricane vases, and loved the way it looked. so when I decided that I wanted navy and yellow to be my wedding colors, I knew that I wanted lemons!

so - we'll be doing hurricane vases filled with lemons and lemon leaves. this is a picture of something kind of similar, except that ours vase will be tall and cylindrical (and there will be no ribbons tied around the lemons...)

we're doing long, banquet style tables, and will be alternating the lemons in the vases with short, square vases filled with white poufy carnations (or something similar...). I also LOVE this look! who knew carnations could be elegant and pretty?

and for my favorite part, we'll be sitting these pretty centerpieces right on these navy/white stripe runners. I found the fabric at and am planning to do long runners down the banquet tables, and then lay them width-wise (not long down the table but across, make sense?) on our pie table (we're having pies instead of cake) and I'm playing around with the idea of getting our name intials monogrammed on those in bright yellow letters.


Kristen said...

I vote YES for the monogram! Great choices in your decorations.

Mrs. B. said...

sounds so pretty and fresh. :)